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What is NetSuite?

What is Cloud ERP? Cloud enterprise resource planning, or cloud ERP, takes the critical business functions of ERP software—such as accounting, inventory and order management, human resources and customer relationship management—and allows users to access them over the internet.

On-Premises vs. Cloud Based ERP Solutions-The biggest difference between cloud-based ERP and on-premises ERP solutions is how they’re deployed. Cloud-based software is hosted on the vendor's servers and accessed through a web browser. On-premises software is installed locally, on company-owned computers and servers.

What is Accounting Software? Accounting software allows businesses to consolidate financial data in one place and automate accounting processes like invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, income and expenses.

CRM vs. ERP-Customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are different but complementary technologies that help run a business efficiently.

What is Financial Management? Financial management is the process of creating a budget that supports the long-term plans for a business and informs decisions on where and how to invest funds around things like hiring, paying suppliers, research and development and other important initiatives.

What is Distribution Management? Distribution management organizes everything needed to get the right product to the right buyer at the right time. It tracks the movement of goods from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler or retailer and finally to the end consumer.

What is Planning and Forecasting? Planning and forecasting is the process of analyzing historical and current data trends to help businesses make more informed decisions about future plans.

What is NetSuite Project Management? NetSuite Project Management software enables project managers and team members to more efficiently collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status in real time.

What is NetSuite Demand Planning? NetSuite Demand Planning helps businesses strike the most cost effective balance between supply and demand.

What is Order Fulfillment? Order fulfillment is the process of receiving and processing goods for distribution to a customer based on that customer’s specifications.

What is Inventory? Inventory is the accounting of raw materials, items and component parts that a company uses to sell or produce goods. Inventory is an asset for most companies. However, too much inventory can become a practical liability.

What is Supply Chain Management? Supply chain management (or SCM) encompasses all of the processes involved in acquiring and converting raw materials into finished goods as well as fulfillment and support.

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