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NetSuite Support

We understand that launching new technology at your organization can be overwhelming for your employees. Having the right support makes the process run more smoothly. 

We provide support for existing NetSuite clients, ongoing maintenance, administrative services, and support for small projects and customizations.

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We have extensive experience implementing and customizing NetSuite across many industries, including software, professional services, wholesale distribution, retail, financial services, and manufacturing.

We spend time consulting with our clients to make sure these solutions are a perfect fit for their company. We firmly believe that this is the primary step for the successful implementation of NetSuite. Once implemented, we support you for as long as you use the software. We are with you for every step, and then, we too assist in scaling NetSuite to meet the demands of your growing business.

For every step from launch to scaling of NetSuite — we offer extensive NetSuite consulting services for our clients until all their questions are answered. We go beyond essential services, and advise our clients on best practices and how to make full use of NetSuite.


Our experience encompasses 20 years of working with and implementing this software in the industry. We pride ourselves on being “experts” in this field. Our desire to bring in a new approach to help clients implement this software, so that they can have a well-optimized cloud-based solution, prompted us to start our own venture. Clients are our number one priority, and we work with them to make sure they are 100% satisfied with the product and our services. With our services, we aim at making the transition easy from client’s current accounting software to NetSuite. We sell and implement NetSuite accounting software. They are our content providers. You can visit their website here:


We firmly believe one size doesn’t fit all. All companies are unique in their requirements, and their solutions should be as well — they must be equally compatible with the company’s demands. At CloudGenius ERP, we are passionate about technology with a prime focus on our customers and a promise to deliver the exact requirements. Our expert team of business analysts and software engineers carefully reviews your company’s requirements; based on the response, we create custom tweaks. With our extensive knowledge base, we can create the perfect cloud solution meant for your business! We can script and generate tools that can be an exact match to the process of your organization. We can also help with carrying forward data and applications from your past system to NetSuite, or we can establish a link between two technologies for an advanced functionality. We assure you that all the tailor-made changes, quick access to applications, and updates from the past will enhance overall productivity at your organization.

We can review requirements for your business, create tailor-made solutions, and carry forward data from past systems.

Why Work With Cloud Genius Advisors for NetSuite Consulting Services?

Cloud Genius Advisors is a NetSuite implementation partner in Michigan, offering a wide range of services to businesses in the area that want to upgrade their internal structure. We believe that cloud technology allows companies to focus more on their core business functions and less on the maintenance and upkeep associated with on-premise solutions. NetSuite streamlines all of your information into one system.

Our team has senior-level consultants and accountants who have decades of experience with NetSuite. We work hands-on with your team throughout the implementation process so that you can meet your goals and objectives.

We have extensive experience with NetSuite implementation for these industries:

NetSuite Consulting Services Across the United States

Cloud Genius Advisors is a NetSuite consulting firm with representatives across the US offering the leading cloud ERP software in the world. We know that NetSuite has more capabilities than other mid-level market products, which is why we are passionate about connecting businesses to this software. NetSuite for business integrates your functions and departments into one system, so information, automation and reporting are synchronized and streamlined.

We are the #1 ranked NetSuite partner because we put our clients first. We have internal structure upgrade services for all industries, no matter the challenges or requirements of the field. Our clients across the United States represent a wide range of industries, so we have a NetSuite service for you.


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NetSuite Implementation

At Cloud Genius Advisors, we focus on building a relationship with our client. They will experience customer service beyond the typical vendor-client relationship. We just don’t sell the software to a prospective customer — we help them implement it. Once it functions smoothly, we support them as long as they use the software. We even help them scale NetSuite to meet the growing demands of their business. At Cloud Genius Advisors, expect a custom-made implementation strategy to meet your specific business processes requirements. Our plan rigorously follows NetSuite’s protocols on implementation, plus we offer our expertise in rendering these services. Work As “One” Team: Our team is comprised of management consultants and software engineers who work together with your staff to customize the implementation plan and put it into action, which can be easily supported by your company resources. Constant Data Collection To Verify NetSuite Implementation And Productivity: While implementing NetSuite, we constantly submit concrete data to our clients. For example, we may provide a data point such as how many employees were facilitated with real-time data updates upon implementation of cloud ERP. With this, you can be worry-free and see your product work. During the project cycle, we also encourage customer feedback in order to gauge adjustments and implement accordingly.

Add Ons

Sometimes, NetSuite doesn’t cover everything out of the box. In that scenario, we’ve got your back. The NetSuite marketplace makes the most of NetSuite with Apps developed specifically for NetSuite. We’ll handle everything when it comes to evaluation and implementation. See what’s built for NetSuite at

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