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NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM)is here to deliver your business powerful capabilities all in one, single cloud solution. If you struggle with unifying your sales, marketing, customer service and support, this automated solution was designed for your unique business. NetSuite CRM also includes powerful sales performance management, order management and partner management seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite ERP and ecommerce investments. 

If you're looking to save your business time, reduce cost, and ensure a more accurate financial reporting-it's time to switch to the cloud. Cloud Genius Advisors is passionate about providing your business with the #1 CRM system on the market. Our team provides ongoing support for existing clients-from coaching to consulting to customizing solutions. We are with you every step of the way to simplify your software, so you can focus on your business. Contact us for a free price quote today!
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Why NetSuite CRM?

Streamline lead-to-cash processes

Elevate productivity across the organization with a 360-degree view of your customers

Improve sales performance through forecasting, upsell and commission management.

Manage global sales, marketing, services and partner organizations.

Remotely access CRM data on your mobile device.

NetSuite CRM Features

There have been numerous changes to how businesses and customers interact, suggesting the need for companies to update their internal processes to match customer demands. A full NetSuite CRM integration will allow companies to monitor and contact leads faster while creating a seamless flow of information. NetSuite CRM also helps feed marketing campaigns by enabling teams to monitor sales performance, customer experience and lead funnels.

NetSuite CRM software will assist your company in recording and managing customer and sales prospect information by tracking your interactions on a global scale. The system will help you win more customers by improving your sales team’s ability to close deals, automate your marketing and improve your support team’s customer service.

Several added benefits of the NetSuite CRM solution include:

Increased efficiency across the organization: Helps businesses manage interactions with current and potential customers, partners and suppliers in a single location.

Significant time and cost savings: Allowing equal access to everyone who interacts with customers saves time and money by avoiding overlapping.

Accelerated growth: By breaking down a company's overall mission into multiple, specific goals, NetSuite CRM accelerates growth.

Greater access to customer data and sales forecasting: With integrated sales processes across initial contact, sales forecasting, quotations, order management, completion and commission, sales performance improves significantly.

Sales Force Automation
  • Equip sales with real-time access to prospect, customer, opportunity and order records. 
  • Manage opportunities across status, revenue, key contacts, notes and related documents.
  • Provide sales managers with a complete view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline. 
  • Capture detailed records across all interactions and convert opportunities into quotes and sales orders. 
Reporting and Analytics  
  • Real-time dashboards deliver customizable, role-based reports to sales, marketing and service teams.  
  • Measure continuous sales performance with personalized key performance indicators.
  • Access sales goals such as achieved versus quota, actual versus sales forecast and sales pipeline by stage.
  • Monitor customer service metrics on call resolution times, customer satisfaction, subscription renewals, call volumes and case trends.
  • Examine marketing benchmarks like lead-to-close metrics, number of website unique visitors, lead generation trends and customer acquisition costs.
Sales Forecasting and Quota Management 
  •  Build reliability, predictability and trust into the sales process.  
  • Allow users to categorize the transaction forecast type to appropriately identify opportunities, quotes and estimates. 
  • Utilize probability-based forecasting with adjustable weighted measurement of pending opportunities, quotes and orders.
  • Analyze actual sales and recurring revenue projections in forecasts and variances. 
Upsell, Quote and Order Management  
  • Easily convert quotes into approved sales orders and automatically process with back-end financials.  
  • Provide recommendations based on intelligent upsell management and buying patterns.
  • Improve quote and order accuracy by including automated tax and shipping-rate calculations, pricing and discounting rules. 
  • Accelerate order management with online approval and automated workflows. 
 Customer Service and Support 
  • Provide the customer service center with a 360-degree customer view.  
  • Automate case management processes for assignment and escalation.
  • Track support cases according to product, issue, case type, partner or customer. 
  • Enable online self-service with case submissions, status tracking and communications.
Marketing Automation  
  • Automate multi-channel marketing campaigns to align with sales efforts.  
  • Enable rapid response to maximize the value of opportunities.
  • Automate lead capture from websites, search engines, direct mail and events.
  • Build and send promotional or automated email marketing campaigns
  • Support upsell marketing based on historical purchasing patterns.  
  • Connect with NetSuite’s ecommerce solution to create a single system of record for customer, activity and transaction data. 
  • Track every online interaction with prospects and customers.
  • Improve sales effectiveness by providing greater visibility into products or services recently browsed. 
  • Enhance the customer experience by leveraging real-time data integrations between CRM and ecommerce. 
Partner Relationship Management  
  • Fully control every element of the partnering process.  
  • Manage leads, joint marketing, sales pipeline, orders and commissions.
  • Enable partners to register, manage and track their leads. 
  • Provide full visibility into your partners’ sales forecasts. 
  •  Access real-time business information on mobile devices.  
  • View, enter and update key customer and sales data.
  • Submit time sheets and expenses with easy snap and attach receipts.
  • Manage everyday activities, tasks and calls from your smartphone.


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