NetSuite Sandbox and Development

NetSuite is a uniquely Platform for your business.

You may have many questions while building new features or changing new features:

Are these new features ready for deployment?

Will the changes confuse end-users?

Will critical business processes continue to function smoothly?

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NetSuite Sandbox Environment

To mitigate these risks, NetSuite has created a test environment you can use before you implement the changes in your live instance.  NetSuite Sandbox is a test environment within the software that permits users to assess and test new program features without affecting their existing accounts. Users can safely make changes to their current business management model while knowing no transactions will occur. We term Sandbox as a testing environment because it allows you to try featured programs offered by NetSuite without buying them.   

Sandbox is the perfect product for businesses that prefer customization options. It employs workflows (SuiteFlow), Java Scripting modes (SuiteScript) and other NetSuite programs.

Develop & Test Customizations

This lets you test new tools and features in a replica of your existing platform without affecting your current production environment.

Apply fixes

This feature ensures all new fixes work correctly before applying them to your live settings.

Test third-party applications

SuiteScript allows IT personnel to optimize settings and test third-party controls, identifying incompatible customizations in your business processes ahead of time. Test SuiteApps like SuiteCloud and SuiteBundler to see how they work for your applications.

Update forms, searches & scripts

Sandbox allows you to try form customizations and record deletions and test transaction entries before entering them into real-time General Ledger reports. This process helps study the impact on data entry before you go live with new implementation.

Enhance your HR

Sandbox allows you to perform employee training sessions and create new records on existing or new practices and features.

What are the different Sandbox/Development accounts, and which is right for my company?

NetSuite offers three different types of Sandbox accounts to meet your operation's specific needs.

What is a sandbox Account?

 The sandbox account contains a replica of the configuration, customization and data from your live production account as of a specific date, but does not process external transactions such as payments or email campaigns. The data can be refreshed from the production account on-demand. Each sandbox account that you purchase comes with three development accounts. 

What is a Development Account?

 Development accounts have the same features and NetSuite-provisioned SuiteApps as your company’s production account, but do not contain any production data or account customizations. You can populate the testing environment with the data you need for development and testing purposes. Using a development account, you can let outside partners develop something for you without them being able to see your company data. 

What is a Premium Sandbox?

 Standard sandbox accounts are designed primarily for end-to-end testing and assume a lower traffic level than normal production accounts. For customers with high performance needs or large volumes of data, NetSuite offers premium sandbox accounts. Premium sandboxes more closely simulate the behavior of production accounts in order to support high-volume automated performance testing. As with a standard sandbox, the premium offering replicates your organization’s configuration, customization and data. Premium sandbox customer data can be refreshed at any time.  

NetSuite SandBox Cost

We calculate NetSuite Sandbox pricing based on your annual NetSuite license at 10% of the existing users and modules price, with premium Sandbox at 20%. For assistance with figuring out NetSuite Sandbox pricing or calculating the cost for your business, contact us for a customized Sandbox quote. Prices will vary and are negotiable.

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