NetSuite SuitePeople

What is NetSuite?

SuitePeople is a Human Resources offering natively built on the NetSuite unified cloud suite. Businesses can benefit from a single platform to manage their ERP, CRM, PSA, omnichannel commerce and HR. SuitePeople drives efficiency by integrating HR functionality into the same suite that companies use to run every aspect of their business, thus eliminating repetitive and manual processes.

NetSuite SuitePeople gives businesses total control over their human resources processes. It allows HR professionals and managers to streamline the hiring process, employee information, performance management, employee onboarding, payroll, wage adjustments and promotions, all from a single Suite.

SuitePeople also enables employees to become more active in HR. Several advantages SuitePeople provides are:

It allows personnel to request time off quickly and easily.
It permits access to organizational charts and employee directories.
It allows employees to set performance goals accurately and publicly recognize peers for good work.
It provides access to upcoming vacation schedules.

What is NetSuite SuitePeople HR?

SuitePeople Features

Some highlighted features of SuitePeople include:

  • SuiteCloud: This allows on-demand availability of resources and data for all authorized users.
  • Increased security: SuitePeople uses role-based systems, strong encryptions and enhanced password policies, granting managers and decision-makers access to provide employees with secure support.
  • Onboarding management: Optimizes the onboarding process, allowing new employees to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate quickly.
  • Offboarding management: SuitePeople facilitates termination tracking while implementing universal exit records and interviews.
  • Global employee platform: Entails all elements of a company's HR processes operating on a global scale, minimizing the necessity of multiple programs or applications.
  • Master employee data: Provides analytics on the number of employees, new hiring trends, turnover rates and other factors like growth and diversity. This data also shows position and job tracking with enhanced features to associate wages with skill levels, experience and education.
  • Performance management: This improves organizational performance by stimulating employee productivity. It works to ensure teams and individual employees engage and align with company goals. Performance management also promotes employee recognition and feedback.

You cannot adapt to today's world with yesterday's fragmented business systems.

For your company to succeed in 2023, your employees must be engaged, effective, and motivated. But managing your workflow can be challenging if you're using multiple applications. SuitePeople offers powerful functionality for organizations to manage their HR and workforce management processes, and an exceptional employee experience to complete most everyday tasks. It allows HR staff to have a single analytical view of the workforce. SuitePeople further leverages the NetSuite platform to provide customizable workflows and reports tailored for how you do business. Altogether, SuitePeople is the most unified and flexible cloud HR offering available.

How SuitePeople Will Redefine Your Employee Experience:  

  • Time-Off Management

    The Time-Off Management feature allows you to create customized time-off plans that match your company policy, including eligibility, entitlement, accrual frequency and carryover. Automatic time-off accruals and reports give you visibility into balances and allow employees and managers to proactively plan and approve vacation time with user-friendly self-service workflows.

  • Kudos

    Kudos provides a way to foster a positive work culture by enabling employees to publicly recognize their colleagues for their contributions and achievements. By creating a people-centered employee experience, Kudos encourages employee engagement, positive feedback and recognition. Kudos can go to individuals or groups and can be associated with your configurable organizational values.

  • HR Reporting and Analytics

    HR Reporting and Analytics provides organizations with over 100 out-of-the-box reports and metrics covering all key HR processes workforce. Key metrics and insights are available on the dashboard combining data from across the suite.

  • Payroll

    NetSuite is a complete, full service solution for managing payroll. It is tightly integrated with NetSuite accounting features so employees’ time entry, attendance and commission data translates directly to their payroll with no manual data re-entry. NetSuite Payroll handles compliance issues, with all federal, state and local jurisdictions supported.

  • Employee Directory and Org Browser

    The Employee Directory and Org Browser features work together to allow employees to quickly find and contact the right people in the organization.

Try Out the Employee Directory and Org Browser-For Free!

Available to both newly implemented and seasoned Cloud Genius customers is the Employee Directory and Organization Browser bundle. Customers can now experience a preview of top-rated features that are included in SuitePeople HR. This bundle is free with your NetSuite solution and is available for download through SuiteApps on your NetSuite account. Contact us today!

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SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople 

 Intended for different types of businesses in different stages of organization growth, SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople is engineered to solve unique industry challenges that historically have limited a company’s ability to grow, scale and adapt to change. Most ERP vendors have tried to solve the industry solution problem with templates, rapid implementation methodologies and custom code. NetSuite has taken a different approach.  SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople is designed for all businesses, providing an optimized solution at an ideal price point while empowering employees and managers with self-service functionality to complete most everyday tasks.  

NetSuite SuiteSuccess: SuitePeople (HR Manager)

Benefits of SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople:

  • Streamlined operational efficiencies.

    Working from roles, dashboards and KPIs based on one single source of truth, your organization will see an immediate increase in productivity and visibility— allowing more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Integrated platform for HR and back-office.

    The SuitePeople platform is built to break down departmental barriers that currently exist. By unifying the front- and back-office, NetSuite gives your organization full visibility into HR and the true status of the organization.

  • Data-driven decision-making.

    Constant access to real-time data makes it simple to track and optimize the performance of your people. 

  • Simplified reporting and compliance.

    Track jobs and positions, new hire requisition approvals, budgeting and ATS connections to account for everyone; use the global employee record to keep everything current.

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