NetSuite for Private Equity Firms

Cloud Genius Advisors is the #1 NetSuite Partner for Private Equity Firms

We are passionate about finding the right solution for your portfolio companies. At Cloud Genius Advisors, we provide private equity firms with the ability to optimize processes across your portfolio by giving unique businesses the software platform they need to execute successful strategies while also having real-time reporting.  

 More entities, more companies in your portfolio, means more complexity and hardship. Spreadsheets and siloed systems are no longer going to get the job done to allow you to grow your portfolio  in 2022.  

 As a private equity firm, your goal is to invest  in growing businesses and to increase the value of those businesses. This usually begins with simplifying IT infrastructure to be more efficient and effective. That's where NetSuite comes in.  

Cloud Genius Advisors is the #1 NetSuite Partner for Private Equity Firms

Why Do PE Firms Need NetSuite?

At Cloud Genius Advisors, we know what it takes for a private equity firm to drive a successful digital transformation. 

 The pro to being on NetSuite is it allows private equity firms and their portfolio companies to be 100% cloud but also have a competitive advantage. Most cloud-based software don't have the maturity to allow businesses to be competitive – newer cloud software forces businesses to be like everyone else and lose their competitive advantage.  

 As the #1 solution provider for the most mature cloud software program, we are able to give our clients the opportunity to build unique processes that make them special. We can build that into your NetSuite software, so that you have all of the advantages of a cloud software (no updates, single tenant, access from anywhere) while also maintaining your competitive advantage.  

    Why Private Equity Firms Are Switching to the Cloud:

    Accelerate the order-to-cash process
    Business Intelligence for All
    Slash financial costs by over 50%
    Global scale for International Expansion
    Real time data reporting
    Agility for rapid growth
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    Designed for Modern Portfolio Companies
    NetSuite cloud solutions
    Last System Upgrade Ever!

    When Is It Time to Make the Switch to NetSuite?

    There are two common scenarios where PE companies look to Cloud Genius Advisors to implement NetSuite’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

    The first is as a carve-out that offers superior returns for investors. Whether investors are buying or selling a company or division, one of the entities will usually need a new financial ERP system; and it needs to be operational quickly. Cloud Genius Advisors employs NetSuite's SuiteSuccess engagement model, which ensures that your portfolio companies can go live on NetSuite in 100 days or less. We have developed specific offerings and strategies to help firms and their portfolio companies meet strict TSA deadlines and realize operational value faster than ever before. This means investors and operators are in a good position to upgrade to the latest technology and best practices for managing the business. Our success is your success, and we want your portfolio companies to grow into the world-class organizations you know they can be.

    Did you know? NetSuite for Private Equity Companies works with nearly 20% of all financial sponsor-led carve-outs in North America. For more, download the whitepaper "NetSuite for Carve-Out Transactions."

    The second driver for change is high-growth in your portfolio companies.  In the early stages, on-premise, siloed systems are usually not scalable. They are outdated and lacking the functionality to optimize operations and board-level reporting needed for monitoring. We usually see growing portfolio companies who have outgrown QuickBooks and are looking for a solution that can scale with them as they grow.  

    Why Cloud Genius Advisors is the #1 NetSuite Partner for Private Equity Firms:

    • Clear, consistent communication

    • Accounting-first approach

    • Hands-on Training

    We are the leading NetSuite provider for private equity companies in the United States, and NetSuite is the top cloud ERP software on the market. When you partner with us for your ERP solutions, you'll collaborate with our senior-level consultants who have decades of experience. We are passionate about helping you improve your business using software solutions. You will have our support throughout the implementation process, so you can continue focusing on your business.

    Cloud Genius Advisor's NetSuite Solution for Private Equity Companies

    • NetSuite SuiteSuccess - PE-backed companies must drive value creation within a finite hold-period, typically five to seven years. This means you don't have time for an implementation with inefficiencies -- and that's why you need Cloud Genius Advisors, the #1 NetSuite Solution Provider. We follow NetSuite’s engagement model, which ensures a smooth implementation. Our 20 years of industry-leading practices and a holistic approach to implementation delivers a faster go-live and maximizes ROI from Day One.
    • NetSuite One World - A goal for your portfolio companies is probably international growth. NetSuite’s OneWorld module allows multi-book and multicurrency consolidation in real-time. The single platform allows companies to have a single source of data across ERP, ecommerce and CRM, providing a simple and clean 360-degree view of the customer, as businesses move towards an omnichannel environment.
    • Premium Financial Management - PE-backed companies cannot have inaccurate or delayed financial reporting. NetSuite’s realtime visibility ensures the data is correct and available to the stakeholders who need it. NetSuite provides Customizable roles and responsibilities, to ensure only the appropriate parties have access anywhere, anytime. 
    Here at Cloud Genius Advisors, we are passionate about providing your portfolio companies with the #1 Cloud ERP software on the market. Our team provides ongoing support for existing clients-from coaching to consulting to customizing solutions. Together with NetSuite, we are with you every step of the way to simplify your software, so you can focus on your business.

    Custom Pricing

    The cost of NetSuite depends on a variety of factors — company size, number of users, functional needs and length of subscription. Therefore, we tailor customized solutions to fit your unique agency.

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