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 The traditional service industry as we know it will likely look very different in 10 years. Further, the demand of clients, expectations of employees, and technologies are changing constantly. Professional services like legal, accounting, and consulting have so far not been highly impacted by these technological developments, but all signs are there  that the industry is at the gates of a digital transformation process. 

Cloud Genius and NetSuite offer solutions for service companies of all sizes and business needs. We understand that your team requires access to client data anywhere and everywhere-whether you're on the road or in between meetings. The world is changing, and we know the expectations of your clients are become greater and greater. At Cloud Genius, we provide your professional services company with an ideal, unified business suite to meet those high expectations. 

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NetSuite Professional Services Automation

You cannot adapt to today's world with yesterday's fragmented business systems.

NetSuite SRP clients achieved net earnings of 13.2% compared to 11.4% for the benchmark. NetSuite is the only integrated cloud-based business software suite designed specifically for services companies. It streamlines business processes and provides a comprehensive back-office and front-office foundation, so you can accelerate the productivity and profitability of your services organization. Because all NetSuite solutions are run in the cloud, your professional services firm gets the support it needs to keep up with the ever-changing times. 

What NetSuite's Software for Service Companies Provides Your Business:

  • Support from end to end

    Unified solutions automate key aspects of the business to improve decision-making visibility and enable resource optimization to boost profits.

  • Advanced resource management, project management, and project costing

    Take advantage of all the tools needed to leverage resources, manage projects, and deliver profitable quality services to clients.

  • Financial management capabilities that surpass traditional accounting solutions

    Comprehensive financial management features easily integrate with project delivery, sales, and other back office processes, including revenue recognition, and automated billing and contract renewal features.

  • Industry-Leading Customization

    Easily customize NetSuite’s integrated applications to meet unique business needs with SuiteCloud, a comprehensive offering of cloud development tools, applications, and infrastructure.

  • CRM

    Sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer support services are all linked to the back office finance systems and project delivery to give professional services and finance teams visibility into deals in the pipeline and their contract terms.

  • On-the-Go Access

    Because NetSuite solutions are run in the cloud, services professionals can take advantage of online and mobile access to work where and when they want. 

  • Eliminates the expense of hardware maintenance and upgrade costs

    NetSuite’s cloud subscription model provides an IT department, lower costs, and anytime, anywhere access. The latest software enhancements are applied automatically, and customizations carry over with each upgrade.

Here at Cloud Genius ERP, we are passionate about providing your professional service business with the #1 Cloud ERP software on the market. Our team provides ongoing support for existing clients-from coaching to consulting to customizing solutions. We are with you every step of the way to simplify your software, so you can focus on your mission.

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The cost of NetSuite depends on a variety of factors-company size, number of users, functional needs, and length of subscription. We tailor customized solutions to fit your unique service.

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