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NetSuite's #1 Cloud ERP Software for Healthcare is your for adapting to the changing landscape.

Significant growth is expected in the healthcare industry. According to the Center for Medicare & Medicade Services' National Health Expenditures, hospital spending growth is projected to accelerate to 5.7% per year on average over 2020-2027. Additionally, physician and clinical services spending is projected to grow by 5.4% per year on average. There will be increasing awareness in patient's treatments, managing crucial records, hospital management, healthcare workers management, and inventory. Therefore, there is a clear need for advanced ERP software to be implemented for improved efficiencies in the healthcare industry.

While they strive to improve business performance and increase patient satisfaction in an increasingly competitive environment, healthcare providers today are constantly challenged with: 

  • Metrics based on unreliable data.

  • Duplicative and manual processes.

  • Lack of flexibility resulting in an inability to scale.

  • Maintaining compliance and control.

You cannot adapt to today's world with yesterday's fragmented business systems.

The healthcare industry faces constant regulatory change, escalating pressure to control costs and an increasingly complex competitive landscape. To adapt in this dynamic environment, organizations must be able to quickly respond to changes in market conditions, customer requirements, and government and industry regulations.

Of course, ERP software for big businesses is a must. But many small and mid-sized companies have much to gain from adopting a system like NetSuite. Especially, it is very important for healthcare offices and hospitals, since this is an extremely busy sector (certainly right now given the global pandemic). With a constant influx of new and existing patients, systems need to be updated regularly to be efficient. 

NetSuite ERP software for healthcare is able to manage the critical information of patients, the preservation of the database, and seamless communication between multiple departments. Further, the NetSuite ERP is able to integrate all departments in a singular form so that doctors and healthcare workers can work hand in hand along with other administration professionals. Additionally, the demand for the associated pharmacies is high during treatment of the patient. NetSuite allows pharmacies to manage the records of prescriptions as well as track the inventory of medicinal goods and surgical equipment. 

Why The Healthcare Industry Is Adopting NetSuite:

    Accelerate the order-to-cash process
    Improve visibility and transparency
    Slash financial costs by over 50%
    Streamline reporting and compliance
    Real time data reporting
    Improve customer service and partner engagement
    NetSuite cloud solutions
    Adapt to the changing healthcare landscape

    Benefits of Using NetSuite and Cloud Genius ERP Software for Healthcare:

    • Improved patient healthcare

    • Optimization in repetitive tasks

    • Automated business processes

    • Ease in the inventory management

    • Better workforce management

    • Improvised supervision

    • Muti-department communication

    • Preservation of patient records for future reference

    • Insurance record management

    • Accounts & finance management

    Here at Cloud Genius ERP, we are passionate about providing your healthcare business with the #1 Cloud ERP software on the market. Our team provides ongoing support for existing clients-from coaching to consulting to customizing solutions. We are with you every step of the way to simplify your software, so you can focus on your business.

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