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 Let's be honest: we can implement a NetSuite industry suite for your company, but likely your business is unique and has unique needs. We know ours does (and yes, we use NetSuite to run our business). NetSuite is a flexible and scalable platform-we can customize your dashboards, personalize your workflows, integrate with other systems, and so much more. Read on if you're in need of NetSuite development and customizations. 

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If you're in need of NetSuite development and customizations, have no fear. All of our consultants are senior-level and well-versed in NetSuite JavaScript. We know the source code well and are able to do custom scripting.  Further, we support the following NetSuite Development Technologies:  
NetSuite allows us consultants a MASSIVE level of customization through SuiteScript. As you may already know, NetSuite organizes its data into elements called records. As these records are created, manipulated, updated, or deleted, NetSuite will trigger "events". Some of those events may be triggered by things such as external system requests, a user viewing a record, a time of day...there are dozens of options. SuiteScript enables us to create completely customizable logic to address whatever your business needs may be.
SuiteFlow is designed for people and companies with minimal development experience who want to create customizations and enforce business logic. At Cloud Genius, we are more than happy to train your team on how to set up and manage SuiteFlows for lead nuturing, purchase order approvals, and so much more. This is great for companies who want to learn to implement and manage new processes, without getting too far in the weeds. 
Single Sign-On is a single authentication process that allows a user to use one set of login credentials for access to multiple applications. It is available for the NetSuite customer center and SuiteCommerce websites. The Single Sign-On will help create a seamless customer experience

Bottom Line: we are "yes" people at Cloud Genius. NetSuite is a platform, and it's our job to customize that platform to make your business run more effectively and seamlessly. We don't want you to have to work for NetSuite, we want NetSuite to work for you. As far as a complete business solution, nothing can compete with NetSuite. Contact us today for more information on development and customizations.  

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From Quickbooks to NetSuite Financials: Why Fast-Growing Companies Leave QuickBooks and Adopt NetSuite Financials

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The cost of NetSuite depends on a variety of factors-company size, number of users, functional needs, and length of subscription. Therefore, we tailor customized solutions to fit your unique agency.

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What makes NetSuite the #1 Cloud ERP software for advertising and digital media agencies? Schedule a free demo with one of our experts today, and see what all the hype is about.

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